Assessment: YSQ

YSQ: Schema Questionnaire

  • Instructions

    Listed below are statements that people might use to describe themselves. Please read each statement, then rate it based on how accurately it fits you over the past year. When you are not sure, base your answer on what you emotionally feel, not on what you think to be true. A few of the items ask about your relationships with your parents or romantic partners. If any of these people have died, please answer these items based on your relationships when they were alive. If you do not currently have a partner but have had partners in the past, please answer the item based on your most recent significant romantic partner. Choose a score from 1-6 on the rating scale below that best describes you. 1 = Completely untrue of me, 2 = Mostly untrue of me, 3 = Slightly more true than untrue, 4 = Moderately true of me, 5 = Mostly true of me, 6 = Describes me perfectly.
  • Please select the name of your psychologist below. If you are unsure please select 'I dont know'