Grief and loss

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Coping with Grief and loss is totally natural

Any loss can cause grief including: a separation or break-up of a relationship, a death in your family or of a friend or pet, a miscarriage, being made redundant or retiring, losing your financial stability or independence, losing a friend, losing your health, moving home, losing a dream or losing your feeling s of safety after suffering a trauma.

Grief and loss is very painful. The emotional roller coaster you are on may feel like you will never get off. At first you may be in shock and have trouble accepting what has happened. Then a profound sadness, emptiness or despair can kick in. Some people feel guilt when someone passes, even if they couldn’t have done anything. Crying a lot is completely normal beneficial at these times. It is better to be in touch with your emotions rather than blocking them. If you are feeling guilt, anger, fear or even physical symptoms like fatigue, nausea, weight changes, aches, pains, and insomnia, speaking with a psychologist is the best way to manage your grief and begin to find ways to make progress in healing.

At The Three Seas we offer face-to-face consultations as well as a variety of online therapy options such as telehealth, zoom counselling and phone consultations.


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