Melbourne Psychologists at The Three Seas Psychology Group

The Three Seas Psychology Group is a team of registered and experienced Melbourne psychologists that specialise in helping people overcome life’s challenges whether they are at home or at work.

We are professional and ethical practitioners who deliver authentic care and assessment through our wide range of high quality services and products. These services and products focus on providing real help for anger, stress, anxiety, depression and other problems. We achieve this by helping individuals and couples understand deeper psychological processes that limit or propel their happiness, wellbeing and potential.

Always Available

We have availability and can see someone almost immediately.


We have a good footprint 4 offices in Surrey Hills, Richmond, CBD and Knox.

Psychs Specialists

We have 17 psychologists specialising in a broad spectrum of modalities and treating a lot of different types of people and conditions.

High Quality Care

All of our psychologists meet the competencies set by the Psychology Board/AHPRA and adhere to all relevant Codes of Conduct, ensuring the highest possible standards of care.

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Counselling Psychologist Melbourne

Our counselling clinics offer clients a means of working through a range of issues they may be facing. Whether it is a serious issue or simply something that you wish to address in your life, counselling can assist in clarifying confusion and providing you with strategies to help you improve your emotional and psychological well-being.