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The Areas of Psychology We Focus On as Psychologists in Melbourne

We have 40+ psychologists in Melbourne focusing on:

Couples Counselling / Couples Therapy / Relationship Therapy / Relationship and Marriage Counselling

Cognitive Assessments

ADHD: assessment and treatment

Family Counselling


Anxiety / Depression / Trauma / Life Changes / Stress /Personal Growth/OCD/ PTSD/Personality Disorders/Eating Disorders




Our Psychologists Approach to Therapy

Collaboration with other mental health professionals, especially GPs

Client centred approach, humanistic in nature.

Ethical, caring, high quality care.

CBT, DBT, Behavioural Therapy, Narrative, Mindfulness, Schema, IPT, Emotion Focused Therapy, Gestalt, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy), Family Systems Therapy, Gottman Method, Grief Therapy, Holistic Therapy, Positive Psychotherapy and more.


The difference between therapy, counselling and psychology

Therapy, counselling, and psychology, although often used interchangeably, have distinct differences. Counselling, represented by professionals in Melbourne, involves practitioners with varying levels of education, such as the Diploma Of Counselling, providing support for issues like grief, relationships, and stress. The focus is on processing emotions, making decisions, and empowering clients with coping skills. The word itself, counselling, (as in counselling skills) can be applied across professionals and this is sometimes the reason for confusion.

On the other hand, psychology, requiring a minimum of 6 years of university education, board-certified internship, and ongoing training, delves deeper into psychotherapy, addressing unconscious triggers and conducting research. While both aim to improve clients’ lives, counselling suits sudden curveballs, while psychology is tailored for understanding oneself and addressing past trauma, as well as detailed knowledge of barriers to progress.

Therapy is the specific collaborative process that happens between two or more people and a therapist (either a counsellor/psychologist/psychiatrist with the overarching goal of helping that person live a better life). The key thing that changes across the different professions is the modality and focus of the mental health work.



Always Available

We have availability and can see someone almost immediately.


We have a good footprint 4 offices in Richmond, CBD, and Wantirna South.

Psychs Specialists

We have 30+ psychologists specialising in a broad spectrum of modalities and treating a lot of different types of people and conditions.

High Quality Care

All of our psychologists meet the competencies set by the Psychology Board/AHPRA and adhere to all relevant Codes of Conduct, ensuring the highest possible standards of care.

Psychologists in Melbourne | The Three Seas Psychology

Our 4 private clinics across Melbourne offer clients a means of working through a range of issues they may be facing. Whether it is a serious issue or simply something that you wish to address in your life, seeing a psychologist can assist in clarifying confusion and providing you with strategies to help you improve your emotional and psychological well-being. Our services can also be conducted online via zoom counselling as well as Telehealth and phone consultations.