Intimacy issues

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Many Australians suffer from some form of intimacy issues.

Intimacy issues often stem from an inability or reluctance to trust others. Sometimes this mistrust occurs as a result of a person’s previous experiences witnessing or being in a relationship – experiences which may even go back to their childhood. A person who is fearful of hurt or rejection, may find themselves sabotaging their relationships.

Intimacy and emotional closeness is crucial for any healthy relationship to develop and endure. For some people, intimacy can invoke feelings of fear or confusion. These feelings can be overwhelming and lead to other problems in the relationship like fighting or even separation.

Working with a psychologist can help you to understand the root cause of why you have issues with intimacy or commitment. The causes for your fear of intimacy may be complex, confusing or painful and working through them may require a professional psychologist’s insights.

If you have trouble maintaining close and deep relationships with people, speaking to a psychologist can help you to untangle the reasons behind it.

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