Melbourne Counselling Services

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Our team of Psychologists at The Three Seas, offer counselling for individuals, couples, and families.  We have specialists in the fields of:

We deliver authentic client centred care and offer a wholistic approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Our services are in Melbourne at any of our 4 clinics:

City (CBD), Inner Eastern (Richmond), Northside (Northcote) and Southeastern (Knox).

  • 30+ Psychologists Team.
  • 4 Melbourne Locations.
  • Male/Female Psychologists.
  • Family, Couples-oriented therapy.
  • Fully registered AHPRA.
  • Medicare Rebates / Bulk Billing (conditions apply).
  • Low-cost counselling.
  • Open Late 6 Days/Week.
  • After Hours appointments available.
  • Genuine Warmth & Care

What is the cost of counselling, and what if I need it but can’t afford it?

Please refer to our Medicare Rebates page.

How will I benefit from seeing a counsellor?

Research suggests that finding a good match between counsellor and client is the most significant predictor of successful therapy, even more important than the therapists’ training, experience, or approach to therapy.

Counselling isn’t just for people struggling with mental illness or major life transitions. A therapist can help you navigate a host of issues, bringing clarity and progress to challenges you might not even have been consciously aware of!

I’m struggling with uncontrollable emotions, how will counselling help me?

Uncontrollable emotions are complex and sometimes difficult to identify. With guided support you will learn to identify these emotions and be given tools to accept and or modify these difficult behaviours.

Our reactivity to certain stressors doesn’t have to be negative, instead, you can learn to channel your feelings into proactive behaviours.

Anger for example, doesn’t have to be viewed as a negative response.  Counselling services help you understand these tricky emotions and in time with practice accept and learn to respond effectively.

A therapist can also help you determine if your emotions may be the product of a predominant mental health concern, or disordered thinking. Mental illness is common, with about 20% of Australians experiencing a mental illness every year.

Mental health conditions are nothing to be ashamed of and to remember that it takes courage to reach out and seek support in the hope to improve your life.

Some common mental illnesses and their symptoms include:

  • Depression: recurrent sadness, difficulty sleeping or getting out of bed, appetite changes, anger, hopelessness, guilt, shame, difficulty concentrating, inability to enjoy previously beloved hobbies and activities.
  • Generalised anxiety disorder: chronic anxious thoughts and feelings, racing heart, muscle tension, unexplained aches and pains.
  • Post-traumatic stress: recurring intrusive memories or flashbacks of the traumatic event, anxiety, depression, nightmares, phobias, emotional reactivity, anger.
  • Personality disorders: difficulty with relationships, unusual emotional reactions, behaviour that is harmful to yourself or others, extreme emotions.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder: anxiety and paranoia, obsessively engaging in compulsive behaviour such as counting, tapping, checking locks, or handwashing.
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: difficulty concentrating or listening, high energy, anger, trouble managing time and completing tasks, disorganisation, frustration, anxiety, depression.

Mental health conditions can undermine your quality of life. If you have symptoms of a mental health issue a psychologist can help.

What type of counselling do you offer?

Psychologists provide counselling depending on the individual need of the client.

At The Three Seas, we provide several options including.

How can you benefit from a Counsellor?

Finding the right therapist for your needs is often the key to success. Research suggests that a good fit between the counsellor and client is a significant predictor of the therapy’s success and more important than the therapists’ training, experience, or approach to treatment.

Counselling isn’t just for people struggling with mental illness or major life transitions. It can also help you to:

  • learn to sit with uncomfortable emotions
  • navigate a host of issues
  • bring clarity and progress to challenges
  • unlock your potential
  • move past trauma
  • form healthy habits
  • improve your interpersonal relationships
  • work towards your goals
  • live a value-based life

What’s the process for seeing a Psychologist?

Contact our friendly and professional Client Connect Team for an appointment.

Call or email them, and they can find the best counsellor who specialises in situations like yours.

The right therapist will work with you through the process.

You may be eligible for assistance from Medicare.

Our team will help you understand how to be assessed by your GP for a Mental Health Care Plan, which could significantly reduce your fees.

Our team will also provide information which can help you to find the right therapist and the right location.

At The Three Seas, we also offer a variety of online therapy services including phone counselling, telehealth counselling, and more!

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