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Do you want to be free from the anxiety trap? Do you want to take control of yourself and your life again? Seeing a professional who is trained to treat anxiety can really help. Medication is also an option if you find your anxiety is taking over life in a debilitating way.

How to Deal with Anxiety?

Excessive worry about future events, about past interactions, and about the endless number of possible outcomes to current situations activates our body’s natural physiological response to a threat. When we perceive a threat our body naturally prepares to fight or flight. Our body increases the ability to react quicker and with more power by increasing the heart rate, releasing adrenaline and other hormones, increasing our awareness via our senses, along with a number of other intricate physical responses.

Evolutionarily, the fight or flight response meant that our primitive ancestors instinctively prepared to fight or flee when they sensed a nearby threat to their survival. We continue to use this fight or flight response today in varying circumstances. In modern times, survival not only refers to our physical survival, but it also includes social survival or survival of the ego. A threat to our social standing, relationships, or personal success can activate the same fight or flight response that our ancestors would have experienced in the face of a sabre-toothed tiger. It is a natural, protective response system. However, this system can become a problem when we activate the fight or flight response based on our thoughts rather than the reality of a situation.

Anxiety Symptoms And Treatment —

Treatment for General Anxiety

At The Three Seas, we know that the prospect of seeking counselling can be scary for those already struggling with anxiety. You may worry about whether what you say will be kept confidential, how effective therapy actually is, or how long therapy will take. We work with you to assuage these fears. Together we’ll develop a comprehensive treatment plan based on your values and needs.

You might not realise it yet, but your thoughts processes may be making you feel more anxious. Likewise, your anxiety causes you to behave in ways that actually make your fear worse. For instance, you might anxiously delay asking your boss for time off, thereby eliminating your chance at a much-needed vacation. Three Seas works with you to determine how your thoughts affect your behaviour and how your behaviour affects your anxiety. Anxiety is not your fault, but you may be surprised to learn how quickly things can get better if you’re willing to make a few small changes.

The symptoms and commonly associated mental health issues of anxiety can be debilitating for the sufferer. The effects on the person caring for the sufferer can also be extreme and are often overlooked.

Anxiety disorders have a range of symptoms, all of which may vary in severity. These include:

  • Feelings of panic, fear, and uneasiness
  • Problems sleeping
  • Shortness of breath
  • Increased heart rate or heart palpitations
  • An inability to be still and calm
  • Cold or sweaty hands or feet

  • Muscle tension
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Dry mouth and inability to talk
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet
  • Difficulty concentrating

Treatment for Social Anxiety

As with other anxiety disorders, social anxiety is often found in connection with other mental health issues such as depression, low self-esteem and alcohol and drug abuse. It is important to seek help if you are experiencing stress and anxiety in social contexts. Social anxiety can be treated using medical (drug) or psychological approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy.
Three Seas offers intensive counselling that can help you:

  • Understand why you are anxious
  • Dissect choices that may be contributing to your anxiety
  • Offer you coping mechanisms
  • Help you master new social skills
  • Offer you a path out of anxiety

Our counsellors work with you to develop a tailored plan that will treat your anxiety in a way that feels safe and comfortable. We offer confidential, judgment-free settings where you can safely explore your emotions. We know it’s not easy to seek counselling when you struggle with social anxiety, but we use the therapeutic relationship as a testing ground for working beyond anxiety. You can get better, but you won’t without treatment. Let The Three Seas do the heavy lifting to pull you out of a life of anxiety and into a life of engaged social commitments.

Eliminate Anxiety with A More Peaceful Mind

Our minds can have a powerful and convincing influence over our ability to judge whether a certain situation, interaction, or impending circumstance is actually a threat to us or not. When our minds trick us into believing a threat is real and present, it can cause an uncomfortable physiological reaction.

But what are these threats?

What is it that our mind is tricking us into believing?

Understanding this is one of the first steps to taking control over your anxiety. Provoking thoughts can come in all shapes and sizes but the central factor in the symptomatology of anxiety is worrisome thoughts that just grow bigger and more real, rather than go away. Some people are threatened by the idea that our significant others will abandon them; leaving them rejected and unloved. For others, constant worry about an imminent catastrophe paralyses their ability to judge the likelihood of such an event occurring. We can become anxious about our health, public speaking, feeling like an imposture, not being good enough, being unlovable, how untrustworthy other people are, rejection, our safety, the safety of others… the list goes on. The common theme here is that we tend to feel trapped by this uncomfortable thought and, no matter how illogical our panic may be, the thought can be so convincingly real that our body has to react.

Living with it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and there are many ways in which we can try to take control over the incessant mind traps we fall into. At The Three Seas Psychology Group, our psychologists are highly qualified and experienced in helping people to overcome and develop a more peaceful and less reactive mind.

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