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New Cosmetic Surgery Guidelines in Australia: Why a Doctor Referral and Psychologist Assessment is Essential for Patient Safety

New Cosmetic Surgery Guidelines in Australia: Doctor Referral and Psychologist Assessment for Patient Safety

New Cosmetic Surgery Guidelines in Australia

Why a Doctor Referral and Psychologist Assessment is Essential for Patient Safety

Learn about the new cosmetic surgery guidelines in Australia that require patients seeking cosmetic surgery to obtain a referral from a doctor and undergo a mental health assessment by a psychologist. This blog post explains why these requirements are essential for patient safety and well-being and provides information on how patients in Melbourne can find qualified psychologists for their assessment.

The Importance of Patient Safety in Cosmetic Surgery

In Australia, patients seeking cosmetic surgery commonly obtain a doctor’s referral to ensure their safety and well-being, as mandated by the new 2021 guidelines.

The new guidelines, outlined in this article on, require that patients seeking cosmetic surgery receive a referral from a GP or specialist. This is in addition to undergoing a mental health assessment by a qualified psychologist. These requirements aim to reduce the risk of complications and ensure that patients are mentally prepared for the procedure.

Addressing Criticisms of the New Cosmetic Surgery Guidelines in Australia

While some may criticize these guidelines, as noted in this article on, it is important to remember that cosmetic surgery is a serious medical procedure. As such it should not be taken lightly. It is essential to prioritize the health and well-being of patients over any potential social media clout or personal desire for a certain look.

Finding a Qualified Psychologist in Melbourne for Your Assessment

Patients in Melbourne seeking a psychologist for their mental health assessment can search for “psychologist Melbourne” online. Patients can also consult with their GP for a recommendation. Therapy sessions with a qualified psychologist can help individuals prepare mentally for their procedure. Therapy can ensure that they are in the right headspace to undergo the surgery.

In summary, the requirement for a doctor referral and mental health assessment before seeing a plastic surgeon in Australia is an important step in ensuring patient safety and well-being. Patients can seek out qualified psychologists, such as those in Melbourne, to help them prepare for their procedure mentally. As a result, this approach to cosmetic surgery is something that everyone should embrace.

Prioritizing Patient Well-being at The Three Seas: Booking an Appointment with Our Experienced Psychologist

Booking with a qualified psychologist is essential for Australian cosmetic surgery patients, as required by new 2021 guidelines. At The Three Seas, patients get a thorough mental health assessment for mental preparedness. Our experienced psychologists navigate the emotional and psychological aspects of surgery, prioritizing patient safety and desired outcomes.

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