Depression Quiz

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Only a physician or mental health expert can formally diagnose you with depression, but the below quiz can help you determine whether you might benefit from professional help. A score of eight or higher indicates a high risk of depression, while a score of five or higher indicates a moderate risk.

Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings

For each question you answer “yes” to, give yourself four points:

  • Do you ever think suicide might be the best option?
  • Have you attempted suicide before?
  • Do you engage in self-harm, such as cutting or skin-picking?
  • Do you have a plan for your suicide?

Physical Depression Symptoms

Many people with depression experience symptoms associated with both physical and mental health. While health problems can be caused by a number of different factors, there are certain physical symptoms to watch out for that may indicate depression. Give yourself one point for each question to which you answer yes:

  • Do you have unexplained aches and pains, such as chronic headaches or back pain?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
  • Are you suddenly gaining or losing weight?
  • Do you eat too much, or struggle to maintain your appetite?
  • Do you find yourself sleeping too much?
  • Do you suffer from unexplained gastrointestinal or stomach problems?
  • Do you get sick more frequently than you once did?
  • Do you use painkillers, alcohol, or illegal drugs to manage your symptoms? (only give yourself a point if you use these aids without the assistance of a physician).

Psychological Depression Symptoms

Emotional symptoms are the most common symptoms of depression. Assign yourself two points for each question to which you answer yes:

  • Do you feel angrier than usual, or frequently have angry outbursts during which you yell, become violent, or break things?
  • Do you feel hopeless about your life?
  • Are you sad more than usual?
  • Are you plagued by feelings of guilt, inadequacy, or shame?
  • Do you think your life can never be good?
  • Do you feel like there’s no point in trying any more?
  • Do you think everyone’s life is better than yours?
  • Are you frequently distracted?
  • Do you struggle with procrastination more than you used to?

Relationship Symptoms

While relationships can encounter difficulties for a number of reasons. Many people with depression allow it to affect their relationships. Some people may even experience depression because of troubled relations. Give yourself one point for each question you answer yes to:

  • Has someone you loved suggested you might be depressed?
  • Do you find that the people in your life don’t offer you enough support?
  • Do you often get angry at loved ones?
  • Have you recently suffered the loss of a loved one or the breakup of a relationship?
  • Do you struggle to feel close to others?

If you think you might have depression, don’t hesitate to seek help. Depression tends to get worse over time, so seeking treatment now is the very best thing you can to ensure your long-term well-being.Our Client Connect Team is warm and always ready to help you in the search for the right psychologists for therapy.

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