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Medicare Bulk Billing and Rebates for Counselling Services

Under the Medicare Health Benefit Scheme, psychology services are subsidised (rebated) by the Australian Government. Depending on your circumstances, Medicare will cover part of your psychology fees for no more than 10 sessions per calendar year (January – December). Medicare will only offer a rebate if you hold a Mental Health Care Plan [MHCP], put in place by a GP. Without this, you will need to pay the full fee.

For more information on Medicare and Rebates, please click HERE for FAQ’s

If you are not eligible for a Medicare rebate,  please view our low cost counselling options below. Alternatively, you may be able to use your private health insurance to reduce the cost.

Our couples counselling practices are comfortable, discrete, and easy to find, and our Client Connect Team are warm and helpful.

Low Cost Counselling

At the Three Seas Group we care about each individual, and understand that, sometimes, resources can be limited and life circumstances can make it difficult to afford therapy. If you feel as though you may find it difficult to front the out-of-pocket expense, even with the rebate, we have a few alternative options for you to consider:

Provisional Psychologist Services

Counselling and psychological assessments can be offered by a number of our provisionally registered psychologists. A provisional psychologist is registered under a ‘provisional’ status, meaning they are in the final stages of a Masters Program in Psychology/Clinical Psychology and soon to be registered and practicing as a General Psychologist. All our provisional psychologists are under the guidance of Principal Psychologist, Robert van de Berg, and are passionate about providing high quality, empathetic and holistic care. The cost per session is $30. You do not need a referral or a Mental Health Care Plan.

Student Concession Rates

If you are a full time student and hold a valid student card, some of our psychologist’s can offer you a capped student rate. If you have a Mental Health Care Plan you will be entitled to a Medicare Rebate which will reduce the cost even further. The student concession fees are as follows:


Reduced Student Fee Medicare Rebate Out-of-pocket Expense
General Psychologist $130 $84.80 $45.20
Clinical Psychologist $170 $124.60 $45.40


PLEASE NOTE: Not all of our psychologist offer a student concession rate. Please enquire via our Client Connect Team to book with a psychologist that is suitable for your financial needs.

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