Bulk Billing & Low Cost Counselling

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Medicare Bulk Billing and Rebates for Counselling Services

Medicare Rebates : 

Under the Medicare Health Benefit Scheme, psychology services are subsidised (rebated) by the Australian Government. Depending on your circumstances, Medicare will cover part of your psychology fees for no more than 10 sessions per calendar year (January – December). Medicare will only offer a rebate if you hold a Mental Health Care Plan [MHCP], put in place by a GP, Pediatrician or Psychiatrist. Without this, you will need to pay the full fee. 

Bulk Billing : 

Bulk Billing means there is not out-of-pocket fee for the service. Please be mindful that this does not make your session ‘free’; it is payed, on your behalf, via Medicare. You will not be able to access bulk billing services through The Three Seas Group unless you meet the following criteria :

a) you have an active Mental Health Care Plan written up by a medical professional (GP, Psychiatrist, or Pediatrician).

b) your mental health care plan is signed and dated by your medical professional (aforementioned).

c) you hold a government issued concession card; including: Health Care Card, Pensioners Card, Disability Card.

Currently, we only have a select few psychologists who are offering Bulk Billing. The availability of these psychologists is often limited, so please call (03) 9809 1000 to confirm.

As an alternative, we offer low cost counselling; please visit the counselling page for more information.

For more information on Medicare and Rebates, please visit FAQ’s page.

If you are not eligible for a Medicare rebate, you may be able to use your private health insurance to reduce the cost. The rebate available through Private Health will be dependent on your extras cover.

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