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Are You Thinking About Suicide?

If you are thinking about suicide, it might feel like that is the only option you have right now. But this is not the case! There are always other options or solutions, although it may be hard to see this right now, you can get through this. The pain you’re experiencing might feel very overwhelming and difficult to manage. Keep in mind that over time, these feelings will pass just like any emotion. By seeking out support, you can overcome whatever challenges you may be facing and whatever emotions you may be experiencing.

Firstly, remember that you are not alone! Many people experience suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives. We all have times where we feel no one understands us, life is getting too hard, or that we won’t be able to move forward from something. No matter what the case, time and support can help you get through it.

Just because you may be going through a difficult time and are having these thoughts, does not mean that you are crazy, incapable or weak. It is just that you are dealing with more than you can cope with for the time being. It takes a lot of courage to deal with suicidal thoughts and you can learn new coping skills, so that you can redirect your courage to face life’s challenges instead.

Emotions are ever changing. We often experience several emotions within just one day. We can go from feeling hunger to content to sadness to anxious to anger to calm and the list goes on. Our emotions constantly come and go and so to can our emotions and thoughts on wanting to give up. Your ability to experience positive emotions is just as equal as your ability to experience negative emotions.

Consider the reasons that keep you wanting to live your life. You have family and friends that love and support you. There would be extensive grief if you were to leave your loved ones behind. There are also many things you can accomplish and achieve in your life. Think about your goals and aspirations you would like to experience in the future. Although it may seem like this is impossible right now, by reaching out for support you can continue your life path or make changes to keep you going.

You may be wondering why you’re feeling this way. There are many different reasons individuals experience suicidal thoughts. Every reason is unique and personal depending on the circumstances and ability to cope at the time. When we experience intense emotional pain we have difficulty thinking rationally, and can push away the support from others when we need it most.

Counsellors, psychologists and even family and friends can help you through this time. They can provide insight, understanding and solutions that you may not have considered yet. There is always a way to make things better. Feelings can change, good things can happen, people can support you and the pain will go away over time.

Remember, suicide is a permanent solution that can’t be taken back. All problems can be treated, even when we lose all hope. Those who experience trauma, loss of loved ones, relationship breakdowns and even mental health issues such as depression or schizophrenia can go on with life in a positive way. There are many people who have been in your position. By reaching out for help you can find a solution too!

If you are in a crisis right now and experiencing suicidal thoughts you can reach out to the following hotlines and support services.

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