Family Relationship Counselling Services

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Friendships, strong relations with friends and healthy family relationship can really help in having good mental health. Friends and family relationships pass vital life skills throughout person’s lifespan. The Three Seas helps people build better relationships with family and friends.

How to maintain a healthy relationship with friends and family?

Humans start their entire learning process based around their interactions with family and friends and these relationships pass on vital life skills throughout a person’s lifespan.mental health

Loneliness and a lack of human interaction can be a trigger for mental health problems such as low self-esteem and depression. We are social creatures and evolved in groups. For our communities to exist in the first place, friendships had to be formed. As such, relationships can be thought of as forming the very fabric of society itself. Without family and friends, it is unlikely we would have altruism such as charity outside of these groups.

People tend to gravitate to others who are similar to them. These people may be experiencing similar life events, like having babies or putting their kids through the same school, or following the same religion. Sometimes it can require effort to diversify a friendship group.

Like all relationships, those with friends and family relationship don’t always go smoothly and when they go wrong, because of their very closeness, they can hurt all the more. We need friends, but cultivating the right friendship groups and navigating the complex relationships of a family is difficult.

If you are struggling in your relationships with your friends or family and need to talk to an expert, call and make an appointment with a psychologist today. 

We have 3 clinics across Melbourne with supportive psychologists ready to help. Our client Connect Team will match you up with a suitable Psychologist based on your needs. Call today (03) 9809 1000

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