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Dr Kara Yeske is a Clinical Psychologist with 15 years experience as a therapist. She empowers clients to engage their own reflective thinking and resources, while also offering new knowledge and skill learning.

Kara is experienced in providing relationship coaching to individuals and couples. She’s had success with improving clients’ understanding that relationship struggles are normal, to better tolerate challenges when they arise. Kara offers empathic understanding of the angst humans commonly experience when stuck in rigid patterns of relating, such as high conflict or distance. She invites thorough exploration of issues, to collaboratively gain broader understanding and options to better navigate relationship challenges.

Kara has worked intensively with clients struggling with difficult emotions. She understands heightened emotion can challenge usual coping, develop into specific symptoms such an anxiety and depression, and bring on intense reactivity. Kara supports clients to strengthen effective coping and tolerance of emotional distress, via gaining skills to self-regulate strong emotional reactions, building flexible thinking, and practicing new effective behaviour choices.

Kara is dedicated to supporting clients through life’s most stressful events and transitions. She is particularly passionate about supporting clients navigate fertility issues, anxiety and uncertainty during pregnancy, adjustment to early parenthood, and parenting across life stages. She understands blame, guilt and shame are unhelpful to learning and growth. In this sense, Kara explores issues in a respectful and nonjudgmental manner.

Kara’s approach engages Bowen Family Systems Theory concepts in conjunction with a range of evidence-based treatments including Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and Mindfulness. Whether it’s supporting clients, or providing supervision to colleagues, Kara thoroughly enjoys supporting others to get clearer and more confident in their own thinking and capabilities.

Kara provides in person sessions at the Wantirna South practice, and telehealth sessions to clients across Australia.

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