Georgia is an exceptionally skilled and capable professional who brings a wealth of life experience to the process of therapy. She offers tender care and open minded understanding.

Georgia attained her degree in psychology from Monash University. She has three prior university qualifications which include sociology, teaching and education, but her lifelong love has always been seeking to understanding the human condition.

The strongest foundation for Georgia’s clinical practice is the growth attained through emotional healing. She has unique skills in helping people find and come to understand the critical and life changing moments in their life and helping them arrive at a new way of perceiving them and being in the world. For her, therapy is a process of growth and personal transformation that she delivers with compassion, patience and unconditional regard. In therapy, Georgia assists clients to arrive at their own definition of mastery in their life.

Areas of Interest
• Anxiety, stress and depression
• Relationships
• Couples Counselling
• Resilience
• Loss and grief
• Life transitions
• Women’s mental health
• Mindfulness and wellbeing
• Spirituality
• Chronic health

Languages Spoken
• English
• Greek

“The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
-Marcel Proust

Georgia conducts appointments at our Richmond office.

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