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The parent-child relationship, parental guidance and its progression into the parent-adolescent relationship is one of the most important factors in a person’s upbringing.

The way a child attaches to his/her parents in early life will affect their behaviour in other relationships – often for the rest of their lives. Children who know that they can depend on their parent(s) are more likely to be well adjusted and interact easily. They are also more likely to be uninhibited with other children their age and be more open to their parental role as the rule maker and provider.
If a parent is consistent and reliable, lovingly and caring, fair and honest with their children it builds a trusting relationship with them as well as other people in their lives like teachers. Enjoying each other’s company and expressing those feelings is important. Over time, a securely attached child will learn that they have people they can rely on and this will increase self-esteem and reduce the likelihood of anxiety and depression.


Of course, relationships between children, adolescents and their parents are often fraught with drama. These relationships can be volatile even when they are strong and well intentioned. Sometimes even well adjusted teens can go off the rails and parents who used to think they knew what they were doing, can be at a loss to know how to parent their own children. Getting help with the relationship(s) you have with your child or adolescent is not giving in or giving up, quite the opposite.


Psychologists are the most highly trained professionals in the area of behaviour and human development. Counselling from a psychologist can help.

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