The Salus Approach Relationship Therapy for Couples

Group Workshop for Couples

The aim of The Salus Approach Group workshops for couples is to help each individual better understand the roles they play in the unhelpful patterns that exist in their relationship. Couples will also learn why their relationship satisfaction has declined and how to stop further decline. They will then explore their own beliefs and communication styles and gain a deeper appreciation for how these impact on their current levels of dissatisfaction and on their hopes for their future together.

About The Salus Approach and the Presenter

Robert Van De Berg

Robert’s working experience as a tradesman ‘building things’ and as a farmer ‘growing things’ and his subsequent Masters qualifications in Organisational Psychology set the background for the development of his unique approach to therapy for couples. Working with over 500 couples and drawing on theories and practice across attachment, conflict and change management, communication, schema, motivation, and emotion focused fields, Robert has established a process/behavioural driven approach to couples therapy known as The Salus Approach.

Couples describe The Salus Approach as provoking, empathic, engaging, and meaningful, with long lasting results and its popularity has grown to the point were more Psychologists are being trained to meet the demand. In addition to this ongoing demand and training, Robert has condensed The Salus Approach into a 4-hour introductory group workshop in response to requests from couples wanting to learn more about The Salus Approach.

Who is this workshop for?

This group workshop is designed for couples of all ages. It is helpful for couples who have drifted apart or find themselves in conflict often or where one of both are unsure about jumping straight into therapy. It is also very helpful for new couples wanting to learn how to plan for a long lasting passionate relationship or for couples with a growing family who have lost their spark.

Why is the workshop useful?

Ongoing relationship difficulties creates emotional strain. Couples therapy is very helpful for improving the relationship and reducing this strain however many couples avoid therapy because it’s either ‘too difficult to talk about’ or they ‘don’t want any more conflict’.

The Salus Approach workshop provides couples with an important first step that is both safe from conflict and informative enough to make some important changes to reduce the emotional strain in the short term.

Couples who initially attend The Salus Approach workshop will be also offered a therapy program with a trained couples therapist who will help them continue the exploration into their relational difficulties and learn how to communicate more effectively and reengage intimately for the long term.


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Time & Date

Group workshop: 3 – 6 couples per group (6 – 12 people per group)

9am – 1pm Monday 19th February 2018

4pm – 8pm Monday 5th of March 2018

Couples can choose to attend one or both of these workshops.


Group workshop: $350 per couple

Individual sessions: $210 – $250

(Cost will vary depending on the level of practitioner you see – rebates may apply)


Ph: 03 9809 1000