Nicholas Lawless

Described as friendly, sensitive, honest, and insightful, Nick is passionate about helping people grow through hardships, maintain fulfilling relationships and become the best version of themselves. Currently completing the final placement of his Clinical Psychology Masters Degree, Nick is trained in Psychodynamic Therapy, which enables a deep exploration of emotion and the past and seeks to address the longstanding, underlying cause of current difficulties. He is also qualified to use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which involves considering the way we think and teaching skills to overcome short-term problems. Nick has experience in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, obsessive thoughts and compulsions, and a variety of relationship difficulties.

Nick was previously enlisted in the Army reserves and ran his own personal training business before giving this up to pursue his dream of becoming a psychologist. As such, he is keenly aware of the interaction between mind and body and how well exercise and psychotherapy go hand in hand. Nick believes that seeing a psychologist is not just for those in crisis situations, and that psychology services are becoming more popular as regular people begin to recognise and acknowledge the huge impact that their mental health has on their quality of life.

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