Lara Ryan

Compassionate, empathic and warm, Lara takes a person-centred approach to therapy, believing that each person has an inner desire to reach their potential. No matter how challenging someone’s thoughts, emotions and circumstances may seem, with the right support and guidance, clients can begin to develop greater insight into their difficulties. Through a process of guided self-discovery, her clients are helped to identify the mechanisms that leave them feeling trapped in painful and distressing cycles. With careful, empathic listening and a genuine desire to facilitate positive change, Lara helps her clients to safely explore their issues and learn more adaptive, helpful ways to relate to themselves and others.

Lara is a provisionally registered psychologist with The Psychology Board of Australia and a member of The Australian Psychological Society. With a keen interest in adult mental health and wellbeing, she is particularly interested in depression, anxiety, stress, health, parenting issues, pregnancy support, and post-natal depression. Adopting an evidence based, compassionate approach to psychology, Lara is trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness based interventions, drawing on a range of evidence-based techniques to help clients feel supported in their journey, reduce symptoms, suffering and improve their quality of life.

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