Justine Bale

Justine is a registered Psychologist, with a specific interest in working with children and adolescents (aged 4 and above). Justine is working towards a combined PhD/Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology, which provides her with the understanding of how people develop and learn throughout their lifetime. Justine’s area of expertise is in mental health literacy. Through her research and publications, Justine advocates that delivering mental health knowledge to young people in childhood is one way to provide self-regulation tools early, so that young people can know how to manage their mental health as they develop and journey through their young lives.

Justine has experience working with a variety of clinical presentations, including children and adolescents with neuro-diverse needs. Neurodiversity is an area of interest for Justine; she believes that conditions such as autism should be seen as normal neurological differences between people that makes each individual unique. Justine is also trained and experienced in a range of therapeutic techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Psychoeducation. As each individual is unique, Justine understands that there is no one-size-fits-all therapeutic approach for working with children and adolescents. She takes an eclectic approach and will work with young people’s strengths to support their development, learning, and emotional wellbeing.

Justine understands that while therapy is important for growth and development, it is essential that various strategies be incorporated in all areas of young people’s lives, particularly at home and school. Therefore, Justine endeavours to collaborate with parents and teachers during the therapeutic process to provide and implement strategies, particularly if they are relevant to supporting children’s behaviour and self-regulation at home and/or in the classroom.

Importantly, rapport is essential when working with young people. Justine will endeavour to provide both a productive and enjoyable space to support their growth and development.

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