Practitioner Bio

  • Professional Biographies

    We require a simple bio for use on the website and for marketing literature. Please produce a short, medium and longer bio; each will be used for different purposes. Please write your bio with the following in mind and remember, people want to engage with a person as a psychologist, not just a set of qualifications.
  • Extra Tips

    Be relevant. This bio is aimed at clients not at your peers. Think about the therapeutic approach you provide; the clients you see and how you would address them. Keep it short and simple and avoid complex industry jargon. Use 3rd person tense only. Talk about yourself objectively. E.g. “I have worked for many years in the private sector and I specialise in child psychology.” Becomes “Sarah worked for many years in the private sector and she specialises in child psychology.”
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
    Please provide your date of birth so CCT can accurately respond when prompted by clients and/or third party payment streams (eg. Medicare)
  • Think of this as a short sentence you use to introduce yourself to clients for the first time. This should just be a brief statement that captures who you are. Again, use 3rd person tense and avoid complex terminology.
  • The medium bio should be one paragraph long (around 100 words) and cover all relevant information a potential client may need to know. In addition, it is helpful to structure this in a way that gives clients an indication of what you are like as a person (CCT get asked this exact question regularly) and how other clients might describe you. The information you provide here will be used most commonly on the website and in brochures. Examples can be found on the 'Meet Our Psychologist's' page on The Three Seas website. The following information should be included: qualifications and experience; specialisations, expertise, and interests; therapeutic approaches; and, what clients would say about you.
  • The longer bio should be around a page long and should sum you up completely. This bio can be used in EAP submissions. Some additional questions to answer in the longer bio would be: Why did you get into psychology? Have you always been a psychologist? Or did you have a career before that may interest people? What changes are happening that you believe may be leading more people to utilise the services of psychologists?
  • Bullet Points

    Six bullet points are featured on the website to compliment your biography. They provide (new) clients with a quick overview of some of your areas of interest, which could include: presenting issues, client groups, or additional services you provide. For example: 1. Anxiety/Panic 2. Gambling addictions 3. Trauma 4. Relationships (individual) 5. Couples counselling 6. Court reports
    Each of the SIX bullet points should NOT be more than 2-3 words
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 100.
    CCT often get asked this question when booking in new clients. If you prefer not to provide this information, you may leave this field blank.